11 Moments From EXO Lay’s “Honey” That We Don’t Think We’ll Ever Be Over

We’ll never get over this song!

On June 14, EXO‘s Lay dropped the music video for his latest hit “Honey”, the title track to his new EP with the same name. Without a doubt, Lay once again proved he is a king with this stunning song and equally amazing MV. We’re very positive we won’t be getting over this new attack from Lay any time soon, or ever!


1. The intro that starts it all


2. When Lay took the honey plunge


3. When the golden bee leads us here


4. This scene where Lay goes off


5. This *cough* this


6. The neverending Lay


7. Every part of the video with Lay’s smooth moves


8. When we got this close up shot of Lay looking like the visual king he is


9. When Lay made honeycomb even sweeter


10. This epic dance sequence that shows Lay flawless moves


11. Who are we kidding? We’ll never be over any of the moments from “Honey”!