Here Is What We Know About All 9 Siblings Of EXO’s Members

Over half of the group has an older brother!

EXO has been in the K-Pop industry for nearly a decade now, which is an impressive length of time for any artist! In this time, we’ve gotten to know each of the members quite well, and in some instances, we’ve gotten to know their families as well. While we always need to respect the privacy of their non-celebrity relatives, there is a fair amount of public information about their brothers and sisters available, and here is what we know about all 9 of their siblings!

1. Suho

Suho is one of five members of EXO that has an older brother! His name is Kim Dongkyu, and he’s about 4 years older than Suho.

Besides his name and age, he’s stayed pretty much out of the spotlight as long as Suho has been an idol. However, from this picture of the two siblings, it’s clear to see that they share some very handsome genes!

2. Xiumin

Xiumin is the only member of EXO that has a little sister! Since she is younger than him — though her exact age isn’t known — he has done his best to keep her identity secret from the public as a promise to his mother. And he’s clearly protective of her, because he’s spoken openly about not wanting to introduce any of his fellow members to her!

During a broadcast one time, he also said he wouldn’t want his sister to date any of the other EXO members, because it would be awkward if they broke up!

3. Lay

Lay is the only member of EXO that is an only child!

4. Baekhyun

Baekhyun is another member of the group with an older brother! His name is Byun Baekbeom, and he actually has a public Instagram account, where he shares cute pictures of his life. The two brothers have had some adorable interactions on the social media platform that show they have a close and playful relationship.


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Unfortunately, some sasaeng fans tried to break into Baekbeom’s wedding in order to get a look at the EXO members, which Baekhyun profusely apologized to his family for.

There definitely didn’t seem to be any hard feelings, though! Baekbeom even showed up to send Baekhyun off when he enlisted for his military service.

5. Chen

Once again, Chen also has one sibling: An older brother! His name is Kim Jongdeok, and though his age is unknown and we haven’t seen what he looks like, there is one photo of the two siblings when they were young that’s public.

Jongdeok got married back in October of 2019, and Chen not only attended the wedding, but also performed the OST song “Best Luck” from the K-Drama It’s Okay, That’s Love!

He even gave a heart-warming speech at the event too, showing just how loving their relationship is.

I’m sorry but I’ll just say one thing… Oh my goodness. I can’t believe that my brother is getting married. I was more nervous seeing him enter the hall. I want to thank everyone once again for coming today. My brother wanted to hear this song, so I will be singing ‘Best Luck’. Please enjoy along with the couple!

— Chen

6. Chanyeol

Chanyeol is one of just two members that has an older sister! Her name is Park Yoora, and she’s three years older than the EXO member. Out of all the siblings of the group’s members, there seems to be the most media online of Yoora that shows just how gorgeous she is. And EXO-Ls definitely see the family resemblance!

She’s well-known for being a news anchor at YTN, which is a 24-hour news channel in South Korea. She has even reported on EXO’s success and comebacks before!

Though Chanyeol has admitted that the two of them used to fight when they were younger, and that he would get upset when she would kick him off of the computer, the two actually got closer after Chanyeol moved into EXO’s dorms and began to miss her. After that, they began to get meals and go shopping together!

A recent interview with her also shows her wisdom and thoughts on life.

Just look at these two little cuties!

If you want to follow her activities, she’s very active on Instagram, where she has over 1.3 million followers!


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7. D.O.

D.O. is another member of the group that has a brother that’s older than him. His name is Do Seungsoo, and he’s three years older than the EXO member. Though there aren’t many pictures of him available, he was reportedly seen at an EXO concert back in 2014.

Here’s a rare image of the two brothers when they were young!

A predebut letter that D.O. sent to his brother years ago while Seungsoo was in the military also shows how close their relationship is.

8. Kai

Kai is the only member of EXO that has two siblings: Two older sisters!  His oldest sister (whose name is unknown) is nine years older than him, while his other sister, Kim Jungah, is five years older!

Kai with older sister Jungah

The members of EXO attended his oldest sister’s wedding in 2013.

She also has two adorable children, making Kai the uncle of a niece and nephew!


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Though little is known about the eldest sibling, Jungah isn’t shy from the public, and has shared plenty of pictures of herself that show that she shares Kai’s good looks and fashion sense!

She also opened her own café, KAMONG, which Kai helped her to get started. Located near Gangnam Station, it’s a popular location for EXO-Ls to hang out, and some have even gotten to see the EXO member’s sisters there — and, on rare occasions, even Kai himself!

In an interview with Kai, what he said shows just how much his family means to him, and how much he looks up to and admires his sisters!

9. Sehun

And finally, Sehun is the maknae of EXO as well as his family with an older brother. He’s three years older than Sehun, but that’s about all that’s known about him!