EXO-Ls Spot Kai At His Sister’s Cafe — Here’s How That Peaceful Chaos Went Down

Kai’s reaction to the encounter is adorable too!

On July 5, 2020 KST, EXO‘s Kai stopped by Kamong — his older sister’s café located in Seoul, Korea.

EXO’s Kai at Kamong Café

And so EXO-Ls, who were at the café having waffles, were pleasantly surprised by the visit.

Out of respect, EXO-Ls tried to remain calm throughout his time there. Other than quietly taking pictures and videos — and perhaps walking up to the counter in pairs to retrieve their drinks (and get a closer look at their bias) — EXO-Ls generally left Kai alone. Or so it seemed.

Jongin-ah T-T Guys, I saw Kai at Kamong T-T

— Twitter @hyunini0506

As soon as he stepped out, EXO-Ls simply couldn’t hide their satisfaction any longer! They burst into excited shrieks and celebrated their unexpected encounter.

Jongin is too cute, seriously T-T

— Twitter @BBHyunee9256

Some witnesses shared, “He smiled when [the fans] started screaming, thinking that he’s out the door.”

Twitter @Lisian_exo

Once Kai left, EXO-Ls began airdropping their souvenirs — which they’re now playfully calling “the most 21st century way to stan K-Pop idols”.

Let’s all share this moment with AirDrop!

— Twitter @B_luvbh

Here’s how one EXO-L’s gallery looked like, following one invigorating AirDrop session!

Twitter @B_luvbh

Kai, on the other hand, reached out to the fans whom he “met” in the café on the Lysn app, using the bubble messaging feature. He teased:

It was so quiet as I was leaving, so I was like ‘Oh wow, such mature fans!’ But then as soon as I opened the door, it was like a concert in there. Just like that, a concert hall!

— Kai

He also poked fun the two clever EXO-Ls who saw the opportunity and took it with no regrets.

Oh and come to think of it, I saw two of you carrying one tray together. Was it that heavy, guys? Kekeke. Annyeong!

— Kai

Netizens are dropping all their UWUs at this “peaceful chaos” that blessed the café-going EXO-Ls!

Source: THEQOO