8 EXO Reality Shows To Binge Watch Before Their Next Show

Prepare yourself for some iconic moments!

EXO have always delivered when it comes to performing on stage and showing some major love to their fans, but there’s one more thing that they’ve always delivered on and that’s hilarious variety television! The group has just announced they’re coming back in 2019 with a brand new season of Travel The World on EXO’s Ladder with eight of the members! So now is the perfect time to go back and binge watch all of their past shows to prepare yourself for this one!


1. EXO’s Showtime

While their music and performances had already won over hearts, EXO’s Showtime was the first time that EXO-Ls really got a glimpse into their daily lives and personalities and let’s just say it made everyone fall even harder for them!


It’s probably safe to say that not a single EXO-L hasn’t seen at least one part of this hilarious and quirky series! From the group’s haunted house excursions…


To Baekhyun and D.O.‘s iconic interview session, there are a ton of great moments that old and new EXO-Ls can fall in love with over and over again!


2. XOXO Hot Moment

Following their iconic Showtime season, came XOXO Hot Moment. The original series was made up of only four episodes and was supposed to follow EXO in the lead up to one of their comebacks but unfortunately, it’s one show that didn’t get much airtime. Only one episode was ever actually aired due to the controversy surrounding Kris’ departure from the group at the time, so if you’ve never seen that episode it’s time!


3. EXO 90:2014 Time Slip

Although the other EXO 2014 series was ultimately canceled before it even really begun, the year did bring another reality show that was incredibly amazing! In this show, the EXO members not only filmed music videos of popular 90s K-Pop songs and met senior idols like BoA and members of Shinhwa


They also acted out drama scenes…


Teamed up in hilarious new ways…


And just made fans laugh with their humor!


4. SurpLines EXO

SurpLines EXO was three episodes of pure EXO shenanigans and it’s amazing!


From their wild pepero game…


To the forever iconic superpower footvolley match, this is one show that you can’t help but come back to!


5. EXO Channel

Set up more like a documentary than the typical reality show, EXO Channel was created to introduce EXO to a Japanese audience. But Japanese EXO-Ls aren’t the only ones that can enjoy this series! With plenty of one-on-one interviews, group interviews, and lots of behind the scenes concert footage that have been translated, there’s plenty of moments to satisfy every EXO-L!


6. EXOmentary Live

You know that time that Suho put on his chef hat and presented a cake to fans while saying, “Here. It’s poison, die”?


Or how about all those times we really got to see Sehun‘s relationship with Vivi? Yeah, well they’re all from this show!


If you’re a new EXO-L this is one series that is a must to get a little better sense of who each of the members is individually as well as getting to know them as a whole group.


And if you’ve already seen it, you can’t deny you’ve come back to this series over and over again (even if it was just to make some memes)!


7. EXO Tourgram

Want to know what it’s like for EXO on tour? Then EXO Tourgram is the perfect show to watch! Watch as the members try out different foods and explore new cities all during their 2017 North American tour.


8. Travel The World On EXO’s Ladder

Need a little more CBX in your life? Then the first season of Travel The World On EXO’s Ladder is for you! This show followed Chen, Xiumin, and Baekhyun around Japan where they explored…




And brought some serious entertainment!