9 Sounds You Will Never Be Able To Unhear In EXO Songs

You definitely won’t be able to listen to these songs the same way again!

Sometimes we can go forever without hearing a certain sound, but once someone points it out to us…well…we can never unhear them! EXO have had a number of interesting sound effects used in their songs. And while you might not have noticed these sound effects, you definitely won’t be able to hear the songs the same way again once you do!


1. The bed squeaks in “Tempo”

When EXO first released their teaser for “Tempo” many fans quickly picked up on the interesting squeaking noises and when the song finally dropped the squeaking was back once again during the chorus.


Did You Notice The Bed-Creaking Sounds In EXO’s “Tempo”?

And once you hear them, you really can’t unhear them!


2. As well as the angry sheep in “Tempo”

“Tempo” utilizes a lot of different sound effects and besides the bed squeaks some fans have noted what they refer to as “angry sheep sounds” right around the 2:18 mark. What do you think?


3. The spooky voice in “MAMA”

Perhaps the creepiest of them all, many people have noticed what sounds like a ghostly female’s voice saying “xie xie” right around 4:15. Even spookier is the fact that Baekhyun once revealed they didn’t record that to be in the song! But having a ghostly visit isn’t actually a bad thing and is said to bring good luck!


4. The slight goat-like noise in “Call Me Baby”

“Tempo” might have that angry sheep sound but it’s not the only song that has a sound that fans have compared to animals. In “Call Me Baby”, a couple people think there’s a goat-like sound effect used during Chanyeol‘s rap part! Although many others have said they just don’t hear it and hear the word “Yeah” instead!


5. Speaking of squeaks… in “Love Shot”

While the squeaking noises are definitely more pronounced in “Tempo”, EXO brought a slightly different and way more toned down version of it for “Love Shot”! Starting at 0:38 as well as throughout the chorus you can just make out some creaking noise (although it’s quite different from the “Tempo” creaks)!


6. The 10-second symphony in “Love Me Right”

From about 1:18 to 1:28, there are a variety of interesting sounds that will tickle your ears. There’s an interesting DJ-scratching synth sound as well as a series of descending piano notes.


7. The cash register noises in “Lotto”

Ever clever EXO decided to include some cash register “cha-ching” throughout “Lotto”! You can hear them at the beginning, during the chorus, and other parts of the song. Many EXO-Ls are in love with that particular addition!


8. The sheep bleats in Lay’s “Sheep”

Our favorite China sheep added a little bit more sheepiness to “Sheep” by including an actual sheep’s bleat! How cute!


9. The moaning sounds in “Lady Luck”

Many fans have noticed some moaning sounds right around 2:18 as well as in a few other places in “Lady Luck”.


And they even include the sound effect in their live performances!