13 Words And Phrases Every EXO-L Should Know

These should be in every EXO-Ls’ vocabulary.

If you’re new to the fandom, you may not know some of the words and phrases that have become such an important part of the EXO lifestyle. Although there are plenty more things fans should know, here are some keywords in the EXO-L fandom that every fan should know!


1. EXO-L

It’s true that not a single fan doesn’t know this one but the fact that EXO-L came to be the fandom name because it was between EXO-K and EXO-M as well as standing for EXO-Love…well…it’s just so heartwarming we had to include it!


2. Eri

If you’re new to the fandom you may not know that the EXO fandom can also go by this name and that the nickname was created by Baekhyun!


3. Chogiwa

Now onto the good stuff! The ever famous “Chogiwa” intro to “Wolf”! This line is so iconic that even other fandoms know it! Not to mention its the perfect answer to any situation and the subject of many a meme.


4. Yehet

An expression of extreme happiness created by Lord Oh Sehun.


5. Ohorat

Another, and shall we say even better way, of saying “alright”. Also created and popularized by Sehun!


6. Kkaebsong

The opposite of “yehet” in a way. Kkaebsong can roughly be translated from Baekhyun to English as “what a pity.”


7. “Shawty imma party til the sundown.”

Another iconic line that every K-Pop fan knows, this time from “Love Me Right”. Although no one is really sure what the true meaning of this line is (does Sehun really mean he’s only partying until the sunset), one thing is for certain, nobody is going to ever forget this line!


8. Mitochondria

You may be wondering what the thing you learned about in Biology has to do with EXO but Baekhyun decided that EXO-Ls were mitochondria, so now we’re mitochondria!


9. T-Rex

It depends on the context of this particular word. It could be a reference to Lay’s admission that he would love to play a T-Rex in a film…


Or it could simply be in reference to Tyrannosaurus Chen!


10. Beagle line

No not the dogs! We’re talking about Chen, Chanyeol, and Baekhyun. Loud, playful, and a little bit mischevious the group’s ’92 line became known as the beagle line!


11. “Ayo Waddup Kris”

A throwback to OT12, longtime EXO-Ls definitely know this…umm..iconic line that has become an inside joke among fans.


12. “Roll like a buffalo”

We couldn’t include no. 11 without this one too. Let’s just say it’s a continuation of the above!


13. Baekhyun’s grandmother’s house

Lay became fascinated with going to Baekhyun’s grandmother’s house during EXO’s Showtime and now it’s a long-running joke in the fandom even if it doesn’t get used that often anymore.