10+ Of EXO Xiumin’s Hottest Looks From Magazine Photoshoots Through The Years

#6 though 🔥

When talking about duality, EXO‘s Xiumin should definitely top the list. He can go from cute…

…to hot…

…in the blink of an eye. His hotness is never more evident than in photoshoots for magazines like Allure and Harper’s Bazaar where the heat is through the roof!

Need proof? Check out some of his best pictures below.

1. Arm under shirt

There are two things to take note of in this picture. One, he put an arm under his shirt. Two, he’s wearing leather pants. How can he do that to us?

| Allure

2. Relaxing on the bed

There’s just something about the way he’s relaxing on the bed with a distant look in his eyes that’s simply too entrancing.

| 1st Look

3. Soulful gaze

Xiumin’s eyes alone would make him hot, but combine his face, body, personality, and talent together and you have yourself a force to be reckoned with.


4. That soft look in his eyes

No, Xiumin, don’t give us that look. We can’t handle it.

| Harper’s Bazaar

5. On the bed

Bet you didn’t know you needed this in your life.

| Grazia

6. Sleeveless shirt

If you ever needed proof that Xiumin works out, here it is. Just look at those arms.

| Allure

7. Oversized sweater

The combination of the oversized sweater and the two layered necklaces makes Xiumin look even cooler than usual…and he’s already super cool as is.

| Grazia

8. Wet hair

The classic wet hair look will never not be hot, especially if it’s on Xiumin.

| Allure

9. Disheveled suit

Everyone loves a man in a suit, but mess him up a bit and he becomes irresistible.

| 1st Look

10. Plain white tee

Of course, a simple white t-shirt can also be extremely attractive.


11. Abs

Saving the best for last, here’s Xiumin wearing a suit…without a shirt underneath. You’re welcome.

| Allure