10 Extreme Close-Ups Of IU That Prove Just How Gorgeous She Really Is

IU is even prettier up close!

There’s no doubt about: IU is extremely gorgeous and talented!

IU | @dlwlrma/Instagram

Here are 10 close-up shots of IU that prove just how beautiful she is!

1. No flaws detected

Here’s all the proof you need that IU is flawless!

2. She’s so glamorous

Her close-up wink has us screaming!

3. Which one is the flower?

Yes, IU is more beautiful than flowers!

4. There’s something about this genre of IU selfies

IU knows she has no bad angles!

5. Her side profile is everything

She looks so good here!

6. She has exactly 0 bad angles

IU is too pretty for words!

7. Serving looks in sunglasses

Is anybody else getting Jang Man Wol vibes from this?

8. “Lilac” is the gift that keeps on giving

The close-ups in this video are absolutely everything!

9. She took our breath away when she appeared in the “GANADARA” music video

IU definitely knows how to make an entrance!

10. Her makeup is immaculate

We love this close-up look at IU’s makeup. Check out that gorgeous eyeliner!




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