Here Are 7 Male Idols With The Most Beautiful Eyelashes, According To Netizens

#5 is known for his fluttery lashes.

These male idols make girls everywhere jealous with their naturally long and full lashes. Check out the 7 idols below that make netizens swoon over their gorgeous eyelashes!

1. Beomgyu (TXT)

Whenever Beomgyu looks down, it’s impossible to miss his full eyelashes.

The adorable feature gives him a doll-like appearance!

2. V (BTS)

Not only does V have beautiful eyes, his eyelashes are also stunning.

His unique eyes have one monolid and one double eyelid, bringing even more attention to his gaze.

3. Jaemin (NCT)

You can’t miss Jaemin’s super long lashes when they’re closed…

…and even when they’re open!

4. Jeno (NCT)

Jeno is also frequently mentioned by netizens for his fluttery lashes.

His genetics are truly blessed!

5. S.Coups (SEVENTEEN)

Even the sun reflects off of S.Coups’ endless lashes.

They’re so long, they actually cover a portion of his eye from a certain angle.

6. Park Jihoon

Park Jihoon isn’t just known for his winking!

His pretty lashes add a dainty detail to his flawless face.

7. Jinwoo (WINNER)

Similarly, Jinwoo has eyelashes that any girl would love to have.

He’s seriously lucky to have such beautiful lashes!

Source: TheQoo