15+ Funny AF Reactions To BTS Jungkook’s Shirtless Selfies With Jin

Fans are losing their minds over Jin’s new photos, and it’s easy to see why.

On July 2, BTS‘s Jin shared a new set of selfies that were interrupted by Jungkook. Now, fans’ heads are full of Jinkook’s friendship and Jungkook’s shirtlessness. Here are 15+ of ARMY’s funniest reactions!

1. Welcome to the Victorian era

2. This decision

3. At least you can buy one of them

4. Red carpet interviewer: “Who are you wearing?”

5. Photobombing Jin: A Saga

6. There is no in between

7. Jinkook privilege

8. Answer: No

9. Sorry ARMY, this is already sold out

10. This inner battle

11. For science

12. Dear Diary…

13. Is this a fever dream or reality?

14. The Jin smile

15. As Jin would say, “Go hospital plz.”

16. Send help!