BTS’s Jin Shares New “Interrupted Selfies” With Shirtless Jungkook

The Golden Maknae photobombed Worldwide Handsome, and fans are living for it.

Will BTS‘s Jin ever be allowed to take selfies in peace? Not so long as Jungkook is around!

Worldwide Handsome’s photos are forever being sabotaged by his six younger members…

…who love to photobomb him every chance they get.

Jungkook especially loves to interrupt Jin…

…as seen in these behind the scenes gifs.

On July 2, Jin tweeted a new series of interrupted selfies captioned, “Jungkookie, who keeps interfering because of photos being taken, and Seokjinnie, who uploads them as-is.” 

Now, fans are losing their minds over the cuteness of this moment, and many can’t help but notice that Jungkook appears to be shirtless.

Why was he shirtless? Nobody knows, but it’s entirely probable that Jungkook hit “pause” on working out or changing his clothes just to interrupt Jin’s photos!

Maybe one day Jin won’t have to share the camera, but that day is not today! Check out ARMY’s funniest reactions to the photos here.