10+ Fan Reactions To EXO Kai’s “Rover” Music Video That Win For Being Most Relatable

#7 is a FACT.

After much anticipation, EXO‘s Kai has returned to the music scene with his third mini-album, Rover. The title track of the same name showcased his many charms and undeniable charisma!

Fans were understandably excited over the comeback, with emotions ranging from shock to pure joy. In no particular order, check out 10+ of the most relatable reactions below.

1. The Catchy Chorus

2. Kai Saving K-Pop

3. The Cool Dance Transition

4. His Freaking Good Music

5. Kai Being An Icon

6. The Insane High Note

7. Sexiest Man Alive

8. Making Fans Go Insane

9. His Stylish Outfits

10. Song Of The Year Worthy

11. Always Serving Hits

Kai has once again delivered another hit song! Meanwhile, see ten of the sexiest moments in the music video here:

10 Sexiest Moments From Kai’s New “Rover” Music Video