10 Sexiest Moments From Kai’s New “Rover” Music Video

#3 is insane!

EXO‘s Kai released his 3rd mini-album earlier today and fans can’t get enough of it. Other than the incredible tracks that make the mini album, including the catchy reggeaton title track “Rover,” fans are also going crazy because of the music video that accompanies it.

The combination of a fantastic choreography, some of the hottest outfits and hairdos in K-Pop, and Kai’s sexy voice has made the music video for “Rover” one of the hottest in the industry. The video is so sexy, some fans have called for Kai to be arrested!

1. These body rolls

Kai can move his body in some incredible ways.

2. This line

Paired with his sexy voice, this line made several fans scream.

3. His voice here is just…

Kai is hitting those lower notes perfectly, all while sounding like the sexiest man ever.

4. This look is insane!

The leather jacket is the cherry on top.

| SM Entertainment

5. The fire choreography

He’s not considered one of the best dancers in K-Pop for nothing.

6. Kai’s smirk

The king of facial expression is basically a veteran at doing the sexiest smirks.

7. His blonde hair is the perfect touch!

It matches the vibe of the song and music video perfectly.

8. The way Kai fixes his shades

He knows just how to make his fans go crazy.

9. This high note

Even Kai’s adlibs are insanely hot!

10. Kai’s ABS

Last, but definitely not least.

Watch the full music video here.