Here’s 6 Adorable Fan Reactions During SHINee’s Video Call Event

SHINee’s back!

SHINee, who recently made a comeback with their seventh studio album Don’t Call Me, held a video call event to celebrate their return.

Fans who had the chance to hold a video call with the members posted their reactions on social media, proving once again just how funny and sweet the members were. Let’s take a look at some fun fan interactions!

1. Minho will be out soon

During this fans’ video call, Minho used the banner that Key used on stage as the ending fairy.

For those that might not know, below is the original version of the ending fairy done by Key!

2. Can you see me?

During a fans’ video call with Taemin, Key is standing behind him acting like he is a part of the poster on the wall. The funny thing is that the fan had no idea he was there until he started moving!

3. Online Wedding?

A fan dressed up in a wedding dress with flowers and told Key that they would have an online wedding. Flustered, Key couldn’t help but laugh at the situation.

4. Award-worthy acting

A fan asked Onew to act as if he was trapped inside the monitor, and Onew killed it with his acting skills!

5. Vocal king

A fan who was so nervous during their call, asked if Taemin would sing a bit of their song “Kind”.

6. Aegyo prince

A fan showed up with flowers to the video call to congratulate them on their win in which Onew responded, “Thank you~” in the cutest voice possible.

Congrats once again to our legends SHINee for their music show wins and their comeback!