15+ Fan-Taken Phone Photos Of BTS’s V That Show Just How Hot He Is In Real Life

#14 is so dreamy 🥺

BTS‘s V is insanely handsome, especially in person! And this is never clearer than when fans upload pictures of the idol that they personally took through their phone cameras. Even if the quality isn’t always the highest definition, he never fails to look amazing.

Check it out for yourself below!

1. Dressing Like A Prince

| @jazzyberman/Twitter

2. Looking Sweetly At Fans

3. Performing Passionately

4. Clutching His Heart

5. Ruffling His Hair

6. Singing Out Loud

7. Smiling Brightly

8. Pointing Upwards

| @BOLA_1230/Twitter
| @BOLA_1230/Twitter

9. Squinting His Eyes

10. Catching A Break

11. Walking On Stage

12. Greeting Fans

13. Working The Crowd

14. Sitting Leisurely

15. Flashing A Pose

16. And Finally, Taking A Selfie

Clearly, BTS’s V has top-tier visuals that show through no matter what camera is used! Meanwhile, check out how good fellow member Jungkook looks in phone pictures here:

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