Here Are 10+ Of The Most Awe-Inspiring Fanarts Inspired By BTS RM’s “Bicycle”

Art inspires art!

BTS RM‘s latest solo song, “Bicycle,” has been released for the group’s 8th anniversary, FESTA 2021. A collaborative masterpiece by RM, his close guitarist hyung John Eun, and his favorite artist Sungsic Moon (also known as Moon Sung Sik), the song has continued to inspire others to create their own masterpieces.

RM’s “Bicycle” cover art by Sungsic Moon | BANGTANTV/YouTube

Here are 10+ of the most awe-inspiring fanarts inspired by RM’s “Bicycle:”

1. mono meets “Bicycle.”

2. Monet, who? I only know MoNiJunNi.

3. We hope our dreams look like this.

4. If “Bicycle” were a movie…

5. A chibi RM featuring his dog!

6. A reimagining of the original cover art

7. RM on his bicycle alongside some of our favorite lyrics

8. Nature-loving KOYA wants to ride as well!

9. A sweet comic inspired by “Bicycle.”

10. RM is always happiest when on his bicycle.

11. What if “Bicycle” were an anime?

12. We need this as wall art now.

13. “Bicycle” has the potential to inspire a storybook!

Check out the artist behind the cover art for “Bicycle” below:

Who is Sungsic Moon? Here’s The Artist Behind BTS RM’s “Bicycle” Cover Art

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