Here’s Everything You Need To Know About BTS RM’s New Song “Bicycle,” Including What The Bike Means To Him

It’s the perfect song for that liberating bike ride! 🚲

In celebration of BTS‘s FESTA 2021, the global boy group’s 8th anniversary, RM released a new solo called “Bicycle.”

BTS’s RM | @BTS_twt/Twitter

The song — featuring not only his melodic rap, but also his sentimental vocal — is already soaring to the top of ARMYs’ playlists as that “perfect bike riding song.”

In a post, RM explained what led him to write “Bicycle.” As the title suggests, “Bicycle” is inspired by one of RM’s favorite activities.

I’ve always wanted to write a song about bicycles. Three years since I produced Mono, I was starting to feel a bit exhausted with putting together the next series without being on a definite timeline. FESTA became a good motivation for me though, since I ended up writing and releasing ‘Bicycle.’

— RM

The song (and the beautiful cover illustration) is a collaborative masterpiece by RM, his close guitarist hyung John Eun, and his favorite artist Moon Sung Sik.

It took some work, but after pedaling around everywhere between the months of February and March, I was finally able to complete the words to ‘Bicycle’ — to go with John hyung‘s guitar melody. I actually came up with the lyrics while riding my bike. I hummed the song so many times, I can’t even count.

The cover illustration is by one of my favorite artists, Moon Sung Sik. I’m in love with the artwork which really captures his usual style of sketch. I would like to thank both John Eun and Moon Sung Sik for agreeing to work on this passionate piece of work with me!

— RM

Then, perhaps more importantly, RM revealed what the bicycle means to him. Though an activity that makes him “a bit sentimental,” bike riding is “something that sets [him] free.”

| theqoo

I always look forward to having the time to go bike riding. But whenever I do start pedaling forward, I feel a bit sentimental for some reason. Could it be because I miss a lot of things…? I don’t quite understand why I feel that way.

Maybe it’s because I don’t have a driver’s license yet and so I’ve never actually driven a car before. Anyway, I cherish the time I spend on bike riding, because the bicycle is something that physically sets me free.

— RM

RM hoped that “Bicycle” could become an anthem to those who share the same love for riding!

A song about the bicycle has always been a goal for me, because I’ve been riding since I was a trainee. And the blurred views that zoom past me while I pedal, I’ve forever wanted to turn into a song — one that captures those sentimental-but-also-exciting, cold-against-the-cheek-but-warm-to-the-heart kind of feelings. I hope ‘Bicycle’ stays a while on your playlists. I hope it becomes your bike riding anthem. I hope you accept this small gift of a song I offer. Nothing would make me happier.

Every day is a good day to ride. If you’re feeling down, try hopping on a bicycle. I’ll do the same!

— RM

Following the release of the song, the guitarist John Eun thanked RM for the opportunity to work on the song together via an Instagram post. He praised RM’s special ability to make people feel “profoundly connected.”

Previously, RM mentioned in an interview that he “[rides] the bike” along with visiting museums and growing plants, “to fight himself from losing [his] mind.”

The lyrics to “Bicycle” attest to what a stress-relieving, spirit-freeing activity that bike riding has become for RM. Read the translated lyrics below.

Pedaling forward, I come eye to eye with you though I cannot see. And I feel the excitement build as I keep inching toward you. I wanna keep the bass down low, my mind is already on weekend mode. 

I don’t see no open cars, no open bars. But being alone on this road doesn’t feel so bad. People floating around like islands, the night that feels far enough like it won’t come. I keep strolling and rolling toward the horizon, toward that vanishing point I’ve set as the destination.

Let’s ride the bike when we’re sad. Let’s roll with the wind beneath our feet. Oh, let’s ride the bike, with our arms out for freedom.

Sometimes I have to let it roll, like the bike’s wheels — I keep looking though, like scrambling for snacks in the afternoon. I’ve been waiting for this short moment. On these wheels, everything is a dream.

Feel the roof, smell the truth. Miracles aren’t so far away. It’s okay to put on whatever face we want right now. The things that are most precious aren’t visible to the eyes. Let’s get our feet off the floor. This happiness, which looks like the birds. Let’s float like islands too. Let’s dance with the winds. Yeah it’s okay to cry. Sometimes, we’re so happy that it makes us sad.

Let’s ride the bike when we’re sad. Let’s roll with the wind beneath our feet. Oh, let’s ride the bike, with our arms out for freedom.

— RM, translated by Koreaboo

Source: THEQOO and Image


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