10 Fanarts In Honor Of BTS Suga’s 29th Birthday That Prove ARMY Is Too Talented

This is the best gift ever!

BIGHIT MUSIC celebrated BTS Suga‘s 29th (international age) birthday with 20+ new photos of him from throughout the year. ARMYs, on the other hand, gave him one of the best gifts of all: hand-made works of art straight from the heart.

BTS’s Suga

So, here are 10 of the most awe-inspiring fanarts by ARMY for Suga’s birthday…

1. Cat cake

By strayuu.

2. OT7

By Ci.

3. SUGA : Blue 

By piecesofbluee.

4. To the man who loves tangerines more than any more…

By Genevieve Santos.

5. The birthday boy

By xandea.

6. Some even created adorable animations!

By Zetta.

7. The “Butter” fit is one of our favorites too!

By spring.

8. We’re going to need this as a fully illustrated book now…

By madhu.

9. Lil Meow Meow

By em.

10. Art comes in the form of food too!

By brían.