The Final Results — Here Are The Top 10 Most-Viewed Individual Fancams Of 2020

Some of these are unexpected.

Throughout 2020, these individual fancams have received the most love from fans. Check out this year’s top 10 most viewed performances below!

10.  Yeji (ITZY) — “WANNABE”

Yeji’s performance of “WANNABE” on episode 450 of Weekly Idol reached 4.6M views.

9. Hyunjin (Stray Kids) — “Psycho”

Hyunjin performed his rendition of Red Velvet’s “Psycho” on Music bank along with the 00s subunit, consisting of idols born in 2000. His fancam climbed to 4.8M views.

8. V (BTS) — “ON”

V’s performance of “ON” on Music Bank hit over 5.7M views.

7. Lisa (BLACKPINK) — “How You Like That”

Lisa’s “How You Like That” Inkigayo performance on June 28th reached 5.7M views.

6. Lisa (BLACKPINK) — “How You Like That”

However, her July 19th Inkigayo performance of the song passed 6M views.

5. V (BTS) — “Black Swan”

V’s “Black Swan” M Countdown stage went up to 7.5M views.

4. Ryujin (ITZY) — “WANNABE”

Ryujin holds the title as the female idol with the highest-viewed fancam of 2020. Her performance of “WANNABE” on episode 450 of Weekly Idol reached 9.1M views.

3. Jimin (BTS) — “ON”

Jimin’s “ON” performance on M Countdown passed 11M views.

2. Jungkook (BTS) — “ON”

In the same M Countdown performance, Jungkook’s fancam reached over 13M views.

1. V (BTS) — “ON”

V is the idol with the most-viewed individual fancam of 2020 with his “ON” performance reaching 21M views.

Source: TheQoo