Which Fandom Is The Brightest? Here’s The Winner From 59 K-Pop Light Sticks

So lit, literally.

K-Pop idol groups’ light sticks are — well, at least their main purpose is — to glow and represent the different fandoms’ identities and show the fans’ support for their biases on stage. In addition, though, some of these light sticks come bright enough to be used as flashlights in emergencies. Hence, one curious YouTuber by the channel of dalflora decided to take a light meter and measure the brightness levels of 59 different K-Pop light sticks, in search of the brightest one. Here are the 10 fandoms who boast the brightest light stick of them all!



AROHAs come in 10th with their vivid plum Robongs!


9. IU

UAENAs come in 9th with their warm yellow Ikes!



Merry-Go-Rounds come in 8th with their red and white Merrybongs!


7. Sunmi

Miya-nes come in 7th with their vivid violet Miyabongs!


6. SF9

FANTASYs come in 6th with their luminescent Jigubongs!



BUDDYs come in 5th with their scuba blue Bamhaneulbongs!


4. EXO

EXO-Ls come in 4th with their platinum LED-bongs!



Carats come in 3rd with their illuminating Carat-bongs!



MooMoos come in 2nd with their radish shaped Moobongs!


1. Stray Kids

Stays come in 1st with their most transparent and blindingly bright Nachimbongs!


Watch the full comparison here:

Source: THEQOO