Fans Compare IZ*ONE Sakura’s Casual Fashion From Her HKT48 Days To Now And Point Out The Difference

They realized the difference was huge!

Before Miyawaki Sakura became IZ*ONE‘s Sakura, she originally debuted as a part of the Japanese idol group HKT48! While looking at her styling, fans have noticed a huge difference in Sakura’s casual fashion before and during her time as a member of IZ*ONE, and believe that after becoming a K-Pop idol, Sakura has really found her best style! Here are 30+ photos to compare her airport style from her time as an HKT48 member to an IZ*ONE member, and the difference in styling will have you shook!

HKT48’s Miyawaki Sakura


IZ*ONE’s Sakura


Noticing the difference, fans left comments praising her upgraded sense of style!

She seriously became hipㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ pretty


Ah she’s so pretty in the pic where she’s eating ice cream


That’s the importance of styling…


Wow, there’s definitely a difference..


Either way, Sakura is a beauty no matter what she wears!

IZ*ONE recently made their comeback with mini-album Oneiric Diary and title track “Secret Story Of The Swan”.

Watch the MV here!

Source: The Qoo