Just 14 Of The Best On-Stage K-Pop Idol Mishaps

Some are funny, and some are amazing!

When it comes to live performances, if you do enough of it, something is bound to go wrong eventually. Whether it’s a technical issue or a clothing mishap, even K-Pop idols aren’t immune to such things happening. However, with so much training and skills, oftentimes they’re able to pull off the mishaps with incredible professionalism! Other times… They’re just hilarious. Here are 14 of the best on-stage mishaps in K-Pop.

1. When Red Velvet’s Seulgi’s shoe went flying off into space

2. When EVERGLOW’s music stopped mid-performance and the audience kept singing for them

3. When AOA’s Jimin kicked her shoe right off on stage

4. When Ailee’s music stopped near the end of her performance, so she finished with powerful acapella

5. When SHINee’s Minho’s mic stand broke but the boys handled it like professionals

6. When Red Velvet’s Seulgi’s hair extensions fell out mid-performance

7. When NCT’s Taeyong was so hyped up he broke a light stick

8. When Super Junior’s Heechul forgot his cue to go on the rising platform

9. When MAMAMOO’s Hwasa’s top came undone mid-performance, and Wheein managed to retie it without missing a beat

10. This whole curtain incident with EXO

11. When Stellar’s audio cut out and they finished acapella like pros

12. When Hyolyn’s heel broke mid-performance so she just handled it like a boss

13. When EXID performed “Up & Down” without backing vocals with no prior warning, but did amazingly

14. When GOT7’s Jinyoung accidentally tosses his mic into the audience