ARMYs Only Wish For BTS J-Hope’s Birthday Is For Him To Be Happy

Happy birthday J-Hope!

February 18 marks a special day for ARMYs as it is none other than BTS J-Hope‘s birthday! J-Hope has the earliest birthday so he is the one to kick off the birthday’s for BTS every year. He even turned on the Naver online broadcast 30 minutes before midnight to spend the first moments of his birthday with his fans. Fans also prepared many amazing events to celebrate our ray of sunshine J-Hope’s birthday. Let’s check out some of the amazing things fans did for him this year!

Adonis Hoseok on Twitter prepared many amazing events for J-Hope’s birthday. Let’s take a look at all the events!

One of the events was a hashtag event ad through Twitter that read #나의_희망은_호석이_행복 (#My_Hope_Is_Hoseoks_Happiness) that started exactly at midnight on February 18.

They also created a huge advertisement to be played at the SMTOWN Coex Artium as part of the 2020 #JHOPE Day Project.

A large-scale mural was also painted in J-Hope’s hometown of Gwangju to celebrate his birthday!

Take a closer look at the mural through the video clip below!

A Hope Scholarship was created by fans to celebrate his birthday as they donated funds to J-Hope’s elementary school and high school in hopes that the students would not give up their dreams.

Adonis_Hoseok also put up a birthday ad through the TikTok as well and gave fans a pleasant surprise as they opened the app.

Fans all around the world also joined in and held Hope World Cafe‘s to celebrate his birthday.

BTS’s official Twitter page also posted a congratulatory message for J-Hope.

Happy birthday to our hope, J-Hope! May you continue to be happy and shine for many more years to come!