Fans Find More Fun Facts About The Production Of IU’s “Eight” Featuring BTS’s Suga

Suga x IU is totally collab of the year!

It seems like there are always fun hints in anything BTS does!

On May 6, IU released “Eight” which was produced and featured by none other than BTS’s Suga. The futuristic style of the music video combined with IU’s vocals gave it a fresh sound that would be perfect to listen to in the car on a summer day.

Even in this short track, fans were able to find subtle hints that were significant yet hard to find.

An online community board found some more fun hints from the track including the title “Eight” being a continuation of IU’s ‘age series’ as well as a symbol of the infinity sign if turned horizontally.

While some might feel that the song was a bit short, it might have been deliberately done that way according to some fans. With the word “Eight” becoming an infinity sign when turned sideways, the song also ends at 2 minutes and 47 seconds, which can also be interpreted as 24/7 as in every day, all day, always. (Depending on the streaming platform, the duration of the song may vary. Korea’s Flo streaming site ends the song at 2:47 while Genie ends at 2:48).

Aside from the obvious facts, they found that the only three people who wrote and produced the song were IU, Suga, and EL CAPITXN. EL CAPITXN (Jung Ee Jung) is a Big Hit in-house producer who also helped produce IU’s “Friday.” The fun part is that he is also born in 1993, making him 28 years old (Korean age) as well.

So basically, this song titled “Eight” was written and produced by three 28 year olds!

Are there any other hints or fun facts that you know about this track?