BTS Fans Spot Subtle Hint That Suga Appeared In IU’s “Eight” MV After All

This small but significant detail is easily missed.

BTS‘s Suga produced and featured on IU‘s “Eight”, but he doesn’t appear in the music video…does he?

On May 6, IU released a fantastical music video for “Eight”, a new song about being twenty-eight years old. “Eight” MV blends science fiction and fantasy, animation and live action, and the voices of two industry legends into one masterpiece.

Since Suga doesn’t seem to be in “Eight” MV, some playful fans cast him as IU’s pet lizard. Upon closer inspection though, it seems that Suga might be in the video after all!

Some fans now believe that the passenger shown during Suga’s rap verse is the man himself. If you zoom in (and strain your eyes enough), you’ll see rings on the passenger’s left hand.

Do they look familiar?

Some ARMYs believe that those rings are Suga’s BTS and ARMY rings.

Like the mysterious passenger, Suga wears the rings together on his left ring finger.

Coincidence? We think not!

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out IU’s “Eight” MV here.