Fans Cast BTS’s Suga As The Lizard In IU’s “Eight” MV, And We’re Here For It

IU’s new “Eight” MV has ARMYs running wild with theories.

On May 6, IU and BTS‘s Suga released their record-breaking collaboration, “Eight”. Suga features on the track, but he doesn’t appear in the music video…in person. Some playful fans are casting Suga as the animated lizard and/or dragon because why not?

1. This accurate explanation

2. This equally accurate explanation

3. Stuntman of the year

4. This photographic “proof”

5. One brain cell

6. Just hear them out!

7. When quarantine ruins your plans

8. Someone write this fanfic ASAP!

9. ARMY moms know what’s up

10. This emotional roller coaster

11. We need a video reaction, please!

12. He’s here…

13. …or not?

14. He wanted to be a rock, but instead…

15. Mind. Blown.

Watch the video here: