Fans Gush Over Red Velvet Member Joy’s Ability To Make All Of These 12 Hairstyles Look Gorgeous

Is there anything she can’t pull off?

Red Velvet’s Joy has come up in conversation lately due to her various hairstyles throughout the years. She has had some of the most varied hairstyles within the group, and has absolutely owned every one of them! Fans have frequently discussed her incredible visuals, and there’s no question as to why. Here are 12 of those different looks in chronological order based on comebacks.

1. Her green ombre hair for “Happiness”

2. Her long black wavy hair for “Be Natural”

3. Her peachy-orange locks in “Ice Cream Cake”

4. Her styling with caps for “Dumb Dumb”

5. Her cropped wavy hair for “One of These Nights”

6. Her yellow ombre hair in “Russian Roulette”

7. Her bob cut for “Rookie”

8. Her bright red hair for “Red Flavor”

9. Her long black hair for “Peek-A-Boo”, “Bad Boy”, and “Really Bad Boy”

10. Her dark orange hair for “Power Up”

11. Her braided hair for “Zimzalabim”

12. Her full bangs for “Psycho”

Here’s what fans had to say about all of her different looks!

“All black wave hair!!!!! My favorite styling ㅠㅠ that’s why I liked Peekaboo’s promotion so much. It suited Joy perfectly. I love you Park Sooyoung <3”

“Please give Joy the Mermaid Princess hair/red hair one more time ㅜㅜㅜ”

“Looks like there are a lot of people who liked her with red hair or long hair but I personally found her the prettiest in One Of These Nights with her mid-length hair ㅠㅠ she was filming WGM at that time too and she looked so lovely and feminine. You can see that she received a lot of love and was confident. She looks fine now too but she got a lot of hate in between and you can see sometimes a hint of sadness in her face. But she was legendary back then”

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