Fans Share Their Favorite Savage Replies On Social Media From EXO’s Sehun

A savage reply is still a reply. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

EXO‘s Sehun is legendary for being a straight-up savage, and no one is safe from his fiery attitude — not his groupmates or other celebrities.

Sehun | Source: SM Entertainment

It goes without saying, then, that even fans aren’t safe from his savage behavior. EXO-Ls shared some of their favorite replies from the savage maknae.

1. Small Joys

Source: Screenshot courtesy of Inuri Hettiarachchi

Sehun took this fan’s request a little too seriously, but hey, all they definitely got what they asked for!

2. Hard no

Source: Screenshot courtesy of Inuri Hettiarachchi

While the previous fan got exactly what they asked for, this fan did not. LOL

3. “Sehun”

Source: Screenshot courtesy of Inuri Hettiarachchi

This is such an iconic reply to a simple, wholesome question. Did he misunderstand the question? Did he not misunderstand the question? Who knows? But this EXO-L loves it so much, she’s going to start using it as a reply herself!

If someone asks me how I’m doing again, I’m gonna reply with “Sehun”.

—Haysa Wan, EXO-L

Haha! That sounds like a pretty good plan to us! Go on, ask us how we are so we can test out this epic reply!

Source: Quora