Fans Want To Protect BLACKPINK’s Lisa After News Of Her Being Scammed Of ₩1 Billion KRW Came Out — And Honestly, Can You Blame Them?

Fans believe it hurts more, since the former manager was really close to Lisa.

News of BLACKPINK Lisa being scammed of ₩1 billion KRW ($817,661 USD) by her former manager recently came out, and understandably, fans expressed their disappointment over the issue.

Fans could not believe that Lisa’s former manager “A” stole from her, since Lisa relied on him ever since she was a rookie.

Instead of looking for a real estate property to invest in, “A” took Lisa’s money and wasted it on gambling.

Here are 10+ relatable reactions of fans worldwide over this whole ordeal — and with what has happened to Lisa, honestly, can you blame them?

1. Fans may not know if there are other untoward incidents that happened to them

2. Fans are concerned about the repayment plan’s feasibility

3. BLINKs are always there to support you

4. Prioritize your artist’s well-being

5. Breaking a girl’s trust is cruel

6. Fans can’t imagine how Lisa coped with the situation

7. Protect Lisa’s happiness at all costs

8. It hurts more when the person who scammed you is someone you actually trusted

Wait, motherf*****, manager-nim. We actually liked you and saw you as Lisa’s older brother. WTF.

– translated from Filipino

9. Fans are wondering if Lisa has been taken advantage of before

10. Fans are demanding for accountability

11. It hits differently when you know this

12. Protect the artists

13. It’s about something deeper

“A” is reportedly no longer connected with YG Entertainment as he has already settled his resignation from the company. You can read more about YG Entertainment’s statement over the matter in the next article below:

YG Entertainment Releases Statement Confirming BLACKPINK’s Lisa Was Scammed ₩1 Billion KRW