Fans Want TWICE’s Nayeon And Chaeyoung To Form A Sub-Unit, And These Gifs Will Make You Agree

They’ve got the chemistry!

Recently, fans discussed the possible sub-units that TWICE could form. Many agreed that Nayeon and Chaeyoung would make an unstoppable pair because of Nayeon’s beautiful vocals and Chaeyoung’s unique rap.

In case you want to get a feel of how they’d look together, we’ve compiled some of their cutest gifs below. You’ll have a hard time denying their chemistry!

1. When they danced together

2. When they were in sync

3. When they were the epitome of elegance

4. When they laughed at the same time

5. When Nayeon backhugged Chaeyoung

6. When Nayeon leaned on Chaeyoung’s shoulder

7. When Nayeon claimed Chaeyoung as her own

8. When they both looked fabulous

9. When they danced the same move

10. When they waved adorably to fans

What other sub-units would you like to see TWICE form?

Source: theqoo