10 Fantastic Girl Group Covers Of Boy Group Songs

The girls brought their ferocity and cute charms to these classic boy group songs.

Covering the songs of other groups has long been a staple of K-Pop. These are occasions which girl groups blew our minds with their covers of boy group songs.

1. (G)I-DLE – Fake Love (orig. BTS)

They took on a song with very difficult choreography and shined bright while performing it.

2. CLC – Black Suit (orig. Super Junior)

Very fitting since they were promoting “Black Dress” at the time.

3. Girl’s Generation – Sorry Sorry (orig. Super Junior)

This brief cover of their labelmates song came with accompanying costumes and everything.

4. DREAMCATCHER – Bang Bang Bang (orig. BIGBANG)

DREAMCATCHER exuded sexy confidence in their cover of “Bang Bang Bang”.

5. Lovelyz – Really Really (orig. WINNER)

A few members of Lovelyz did a vocal cover of “Really Really” and it was the cutest thing ever.

6. LABOUM – H.E.R (orig. Block B)

LABOUM captured the essence of Block B’s song and added their own spin to it.

7. GFRIEND – I NEED U (orig. BTS) and Growl (orig. EXO)

GFRIEND are renowned for their amazing dance ability and they proved it by mastering some of the hardest boy group dances.

8. TWICE – Overdose (orig. EXO)

TWICE performed this cover at one of their concerts and everyone wants to see a more official release. The vocal range and choreography on display is mesmerising.

9. IZ*ONE – Energetic (orig. Wanna One)

IZ*ONE performed this tribute to their Produce precursor group Wanna One. Chaeyeon’s dancing was on point as usual and Jo Yuri’s vocals are out of this world.

10. TWICE – Pretty U (orig. SEVENTEEN)

Speaking of TWICE covers. TWICE somehow managed to be cuter than SEVENTEEN when they performed “Pretty U”.

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