The Top 5 Female Celebrities That South Koreans Claim Female Fans Go Crazy For

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While sexy-cutie idols such as TWICE and Girls’ Generation had more male than female fans in their earlier days of debut, the new generation of celebrities are sweeping up female fans by the truckload. According to Koreans, this is largely due to their amazing talent, and also a specific type of face that girls go crazy for. Called a “flashy cat-type” face, typical features include sharp face shapes, upturned yet large eyes and a cherry pout. Here are the top 5 female celebrities that are raking in the women.

1. aespa’s Karina

Karina’s the very definition of a cat-type face! Her tiny facial shape is also often referred to as a “quail’s egg”, a play on the typical “egg shaped face” many Koreans like.

Some have even called her the personified “Black Mamba”.

With lighter makeup, she looks just as gorgeous.

2. Dancer Noze

Noze is making waves in the industry! With millions of followers, she’s more famous than some idols themselves.

She’s often called “baby cat” by fans.

She’s gorgeous!

3. Han So Hee

Han So Hee’s a mysterious case, for her features look more harmonious than decadent.

But she manages to look gorgeously flashy anyway!

Her acting skills are like no other. No wonder fans love her!

4. Freezia

YouTuber and now Netflix star on Single’s Inferno, beauty creator Freezia combines cute and sexy.

She has a round face but the most cat-like eyes ever.

Here’s now she looked like in her pre-YouTube days with more innocent makeup.

5. BLACKPINK’s Jennie

Last but not least, the OG Girl Crush, Jennie! She’s been setting trends since debut…

…and is the literal definition of a perfect cat-type face. She even has a pointed nose tip, much like a kitten’s.

She’s just perfect.

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Source: theqoo