Here Are 20 Legendary GIFs Of Female Idols That You Can’t Just Watch Once

Try not to re-watch ANY of them.

These GIFs of female idols are so captivating and stunning, you’ll find yourself replaying them over and over. Scroll through these 20 GIFs and see if you’re strong enough to resist their beauty.

1. TWICE’s Chaeyoung flirting with the camera.

2. BLACKPINK Lisa’s incredible moves.

3. Red Velvet Irene’s visuals on display.

4. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo slaying fans with her gaze.

5. Chungha twinkling to the Gods.

6. TWICE Nayeon’s natural beauty that’s satisfying to watch.

7. Hyuna glistening like an angel.

8. ITZY Yeji’s barefaced beauty.

9. MAMAMOO’s Solar showing some hip action.

10. TWICE’s Jihyo making your heart skip a beat.

11. MAMAMOO’s Hwasa turning into Moonbyul.

12. This look from TWICE’s Momo.

13. Red Velvet Seulgi’s satisfying ponytail whip.

14. Girls Generation Yoona saying she can’t hear her mic.

15. MOMOLAND Nancy’s goddess proportions.

16. ITZY’s Yuna being a classic beauty.

17. IU’s totally adorable expression.

18. Somi’s puppy dog eyes.

19. (G)I-DLE Soojin’s fierce stage presence.

20. This wink from (G)I-DLE’s Shuahua.