6 Controversial Outfits Worn By Female Idols That Made Netizens Say “WTF?!”

Fans wonder what the stylists were thinking in #2.

When it comes to fashion in K-Pop, stylists are always coming up with innovative and trendy looks for idols to rock on stage. However, nobody’s perfect! Sometimes they miss the mark and dress idols in looks that can be controversial, offensive, or just plain weird. Check out some of the most recent female idol styling blunders that left netizens confused below!

1. LE SSERAFIM’s Short Stage Outfits

Netizens questioned the stylists choices for LE SSERAFIM’s “Fearless” stage when they put the members in various outfits including short skirts and shorts and low-cut tops.

| Yonhap News

While the outfits weren’t a problem offstage, fans believed the outfits were not suited for the intense choreography in the performance that features squatting, bending, and kicking.

| Sports Seoul

2. (G)I-DLE Soyeon’s Unique Pants

Netizens were left confused by Soyeon’s cut-out jeans. Many commented on how the one piece alone would have made for an appropriate pictorial look.

| Y Magazine

However, the cut-out jeans were neither fashionable nor practical, according to netizens.

| Y Magazine

3. ITZY Yuna’s Inappropriate Look

When Yuna stepped out in a low-cut latex outfit with fishnet stockings, many fans were concerned whether this look was appropriate for someone underage.

| @yuna129square/Twitter
| @yuna129square/Twitter

4. Girls’ Generation Yoona’s Low-Rise Skirt

Love it or hate it, luxury fashion brand Miu Miu‘s ultra-mini skirt brought back the low-rise trend that left many people polarized.

| ELLE Korea

Yoona wore the skirt on the cover of ELLE Korea and paired it with various crop tops, showing off her flat stomach. However, many netizens wondered if even someone like Yoona could pull off the look.

| ELLE Korea

5. NMIXX’s Patterned Outfits

NMIXX received mixed reactions for their Inkigayo stage outfits. Some netizens believed the outfits were strange and disappointing with the highlight being their visuals.

| @nmixx_official/Twitter

Particularly, fans commented on the cut-out pieces and the overused pattern.

| @nmixx_official/Twitter

6. Apink’s “Tacky” Comeback Look

Netizens believe the gorgeous girls were dressed in mismatched dresses featuring an uncoordinated pink color scheme in their comeback teaser photo for HORN.

| @Apink_2011/Twitter