These 7 Female Idols Could Be Fairytale Princesses, According To Netizens

#3 looks like royalty.

These female idols are known for their delicate and stunning visuals. They’re so beautiful, it’s easy to imagine them as princesses in a fairytale! Check out the top 7 below.

1. Sana (TWICE)

Sana’s bubbly personality and doll-like appearance would make her the perfect princess.


2. Arin (OH MY GIRL)

Arin’s delicate visuals and soft vibe make her seem like royalty.


3. Shuhua [(G)I-DLE]

Shuhua’s wind-swept, natural beauty makes her feel like the protagonist in a fairytale.

4. Bella (ELRIS)

Everything about Bella, including her name, feels princess-like!

5. Bomi (Apink)

Bomi is the sweet and girly princess.

6. Naeun (April)

Naeun’s gorgeous face makes her the perfect option.


7. Ahn Yujin (IZ*ONE)

Ahn Yujin can have a chic or youthful vibe, and both work for her.



Source: Nate Pann