Here Are 4 Female Idols Whose Image Drastically Changed After Different Styling

You may not recognize #2 at first!

These female idols have completely evolved their image over the years thanks to a change in their styling. Check out the 4 idols below with the most drastic changes!

1. Joy (Red Velvet)

During Red Velvet’s debut, Joy had the image of a cute and innocent maknae.


She often wore bright clothes, showed off her cute expressions, and appealed to fans with her sweet side.


However, as time progressed, Joy matured into what we know now as Red Velvet’s “Sexy Dynamite!”

With bolder makeup and sexier clothes, she shows her mature charms on stage.

2. Ahin (MOMOLAND)

Ahin’s short hair and bangs helped her attain a cutesy image.


Her casual and funky style showed off her personality.

Eventually, Ahin switched up her look completely!

| @heyitsahin_/Instagram

With some weight loss, hair dye, and a change of style, she completely reinvented herself.

| @heyitsahin_/Instagram

3. Arin (OH MY GIRL)

Arin was only a teenager when she debuted with OH MY GIRL.

She often wore pigtails and cute accessories with feminine clothes, making her the perfect adorable maknae.

As Arin’s grown up, her style has changed to fit her maturity level.


She now pursues a new naturally beautiful and mature look!

4. Eunha (GFRIEND)

Eunha has changed along with GFRIEND’s concepts over the years.

She went from a youthful look with her long brown hair…


…to a bolder, modern look with bleached hair and warm-toned makeup.


She continues to experiment with funky hair colors and outfits that add to her new, cool image.

| @GFRDofficial/Twitter