5 Female K-Pop Idols Who Don’t Take Sh*t From Anybody

These ladies are NOT having it.

Whether they’re clapping back at haters or just doing what they want, these fierce women are loved for being unapologetically themselves. Check out some of the K-Pop idols below who aren’t afraid to stand up for themselves — and are totally cool in the process!

1. Jessi

Jessi is known for speaking openly about her sexy concepts and plastic surgery. Not caring what others think, she always stays true to herself and isn’t afraid to tell the truth.

Jessi | @jessicah_o/Instagram

When she was told that PSY, the CEO of Jessi’s agency P Nation, doesn’t like it when she shows too much skin, her badass response shows her true nature.

Similarly, during tvN‘s variety show, The Sixth Sense, the cast was asked, “Who do you think has dated the most?” Jessi had no problem revealing she had 5 boyfriends so others wouldn’t misunderstand her.

Wait. I’ve only dated 5 boyfriends before. [. . .] I just didn’t want any misunderstandings. I don’t date around like that.

— Jessi

| The Sixth Sense

2. Shuhua  [(G)I-DLE]

When a clip of several Chinese men attacking a group of women for not reciprocating their advances went viral, Shuhua condemned the attack and consoled the victim on her Weibo account.

(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua

To all of you lovely girls, I am sorry I can’t help your pain, fears, and grievances, but now what’s important is that you live well and heal with time. Other than that, trust me, everyone will fight for your justice. There is no reason to show mercy to scums like them. I just hope you can see the warmth in your misfortune.

— Shuhua

She also addressed the men and their cowardice attack on the women.

Also, I just can’t understand it. This is something that those who are educated or even animals who aren’t educated should know. If you have a brain, how can you not understand? You were born as a human being, so please behave like one. Don’t lower the standards for humans. But you’re not even worthy of being human. Although I do not know if scums like you can understand me, scums, listen up. If it weren’t for you maliciously harming others, we wouldn’t need to self-protect. Stop blaming the victims. I’ve had enough with the existence of scums. It makes me sick to know they are alive and breathing. The authorities must open their eyes wide. You must not show mercy to them!

— Shuhua

| Weibo

When a fan showed concern over the idol speaking out, Shuhua let it be known that she isn’t afraid to use her voice for what she believes in. Netizens praised her for her for having such a mature outlook.

3. Ningning (aespa)

Following their 2022 Coachella performance, Ningning spoke eloquently in a message for haters.

aespa’s Ningning

Knowing aespa had achieved their goal of having a fun performance with their fans, Ningning wasn’t having the harsh criticism and stood behind the meaning of aespa’s new song, “Life’s Too Short.”

Also, all four of us seriously prepared for this performance. Our goal was to have fun with our fans. And we did that. But if you look at us with bias, I just want to say~ we’re doing what we like to do. We don’t have time to pay attention to those who hate us, but hopefully those people can also find things that they like to do and do them. Life’s too short.

— NingNing

Vocal on the fact that haters can’t bring her down, Ningning’s positive outlook and determination make her the successful artist she is today.

4. Soyeon [(G)I-DLE]

In 2019, Soyeon appeared on Radio Star, where comedian Kim Gu Ra compared (G)I-DLE to another artist, ITZY. Bluntly asking if they were as popular as ITZY, fans found the unnecessary comment disrespectful.

At the time, Soyeon politely responded to Kim Gu Ra’s question. She said, “Oh… but they won 1st place on a public broadcast music show. But we’re… uh… in the process of working towards it.”

Three years later, Soyeon appeared on Radio Star again and showed Kim Gu Ra  how it feels to be compared to a fellow star. She compared him to fellow comedian, Choi Joon, in a diss rap set to the beat of (G)I-DLE’s “MY BAG.”

Hey kiddos, you don’t know who Kim Gu Ra is, right? Hmm…sunbae, you’re about as famous as Choi Joon, I think? Let me give you some advice. Pointing your finger isn’t trendy these days. If you lose your touch, move on to Pokémon Bread mukbangs.

— Soyeon

The iconic moment is something fans can never forget!

5. HyunA

From sexy concepts to just being herself, HyunA has never let the opinions of others stop her. Specifically, her relationship with DAWN has previously been subject to hate from netizens, but nothing gets in the way of true love!

DAWN and HyunA | @hyunah_aa/Instagram

Since the beginning as part of Triple H, Hyuna’s skinship with the members garnered attention and negative comments.

Wrapped up in dating rumors and eventually leaving Cube Entertainment together, a new chapter soon began for HyunA and DAWN when they went public with their relationship.

Fast forward years later, the cute couple is happily engaged and living their best lives together!