10 Female Idols’ Amazing Transformations With Short Hair

Snip, snip!

While Korea is known to favor a feminine and innocent image for girls, hence the long, flowy hair, sometimes a little change is in need. Here are 10 female idols that have chopped their locks and proved that they can rock both styles!

1. WJSN’s Seola

Seola is known for her delicate looks and porcelain skin – although she still looks as lovely as ever, she had chopped her hair for “Boogie Up” promotions. She has since returned to her long tresses, causing us to miss her shoulder length bob.

2. Lovelyz’s Ryu Sujeong

The girls have never strayed far from the innocent concept since debut, although they showed an impressive transformation on “Queendom“, showing a more mature side. 

Sujeong’s long bob was a change that showcased her capability to digest various looks and concepts, and gave her a more mature look as she progresses into her mid-twenties.

3. TWICE’s Jihyo

The beautiful main vocal of TWICE is known for her Disney princess smile and sweet vocals. While she has previously shown that she can rock long, beachy waves, she also looks absolutely adorable in a bob!

4. Red Velvet’s Wendy

Wendy, or known better to fans by her nickname, Wannie, is no doubt one of the most ethereal faces of K-pop. While we are in love with her long, straight hair, we have to admit that she looks gorgeous with a mid-length cut too.

5. GFRIEND’s Eunha

The cutiepie is has been stunning since debut, but she often switches back and forth between short and long hair. Her hair length is also a topic for debate amongst their fans as they can’t decide which they like more!

6. IZ*ONE’s Chaewon

Chaewon recently cut her hair for the “FIESTA” comeback, and she looks more fairy-like than ever! While the long hair gave her a calmer look, the cropped bob makes her seem cuter and more youthful!

7. Red Velvet’s Yeri

Let’s be honest here, Yeri is so pretty that she’d look great even bald. While we hope that day never actually comes, watching her smash every single hairstyle she’s been given is both satisfying and giving us a bout of envy.

8. CLC’s Yeeun

Perhaps the current generation of K-pop’s most iconic hair transformation, Yeeun went from being the cutesy maknae of the group during debut, to the sassy rapper in “Goblin” and finally finding an image that fits her like a glove in “Black Dress”. The comeback saw her chopping her hair severely and dying it black to match. Online communities began referring to her as “the bob-haired girl”, causing a spike in her popularity.

9. Jeon Somi

Formerly of girl group I.O.I, perhaps the cut was also significant to the singer’s growing maturity and her venture into the industry under a different agency. The transformation is flawless!

10. Girl’s Day’s Hyeri

We have saved the best for the last – no short hair transformation post is complete without the iconic one that shook the industry in 2014, where Hyeri traded in her long hair for a curled blond bob.