Filipino Director Asks Fans Why They Love K-Dramas, Fans Give Their Honest Answers — And They’re Not What You’d Expect At All

If you thought they talked about their favorite “actors whiter than white”, then you’re wrong.

Starting from popular K-Dramas such as the classic Stairway to Heaven

…continuing to well-known Korean drama series dubbed in the Philippines like Full House, with the popular bear dance of Song Hye Kyo:

…and finally, securing most of the spots in the “Top 10 List of TV Shows and Movies in the Philippines” in the latest ranking by Netflix:

it’s no wonder Filipino filmmakers have taken a notice to the immense popularity of K-Drama in the Philippine entertainment scene.

And instead of complaining about it…

…one Filipino director by the name of Jose Javier Reyes took to Twitter to ask the fans about their reasons for liking K-Drama, in an effort to understand the fandom further.

Here are some answers from the fans:

1. Aside from great storylines, K-dramas also play a part in promoting their country’s tourism

2. They don’t need irritating characters or over-the-top annoying individuals to make it work

They don’t need an antagonist for the sake of the plot.

3. The actor’s facial expressions are on point

4. K-Dramas are a great platform to talk about sensitive issues, too

5. You won’t find 100+ unnecessary episodes here

6. They also don’t focus on love teams: it’s more on the plot

7. Filipinos really love that K-dramas have fixed number of episodes, huh?

8. Engaging stories for the win

All of the answers sent by the Filipino fans are insightful and well thought out– contrary to the belief of another Filipino director who thinks that fans like K-Drama because they have “actors whiter than white”. Check out the next article below for full details:

Filipino Director Slams K-Dramas For Having “Actors Whiter Than White”, K-Drama Fans Respond With Their Honest Opinions