Here Are All The Awards That NCT’s Mark Gave To His Members At The “Mark Awards”

Might as well add “award show MC” to his growing list of roles.

What started as a small joke during NCT‘s behind the scenes video of their SBS Inkigayo performance has become a full-fledged award show with Mark as the host. Might as well add “award show MC” to his growing list of roles!

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Mark expressed that he just wanted to show his love for his members and share some eventful moments during 2020 by giving each of his fellow members a unique award. So without further ado, let’s get it:

Taeil: Butterfly Award

There are so many beautiful and pretty butterflies in the world. There are so many colorful ones as well. But to us, Taeil is the most beautiful butterfly.” Yes, he’s referring to Taeil’s special workout.

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Johnny: A Member Who Shocked NCTzen Award

Johnny donned many looks this year, from his long blond hair extensions for “Work It” to. as Mark says, his “hot body” in “Kick It”. We agree.

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Taeyong: Creativity Award

Taeyong not only leads 22 members, but also makes the effort to be involved in the music production, recording, and other aspects whenever he can. “I saw him devising many different concepts on his own in colorful ways while working with him,” says Mark.

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Yuta: Best Line Award, Love Award

In the Inkigayo behind the scenes video, Mark already awarded Yuta with the “Best Line Award” for his line “I got a place” in “From Home.” But Mark gave Yuta an additional “Love Award” because, “He’s lovely in so many ways.” You took the words right out of our mouth, Mark.

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Kun: Producing Award

In the past year, Kun has shown us his producing and songwriting skills on WayV‘s YouTube channel, impressing his fellow members and NCTzens. Hopefully 2021 brings more Kun originals!

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Doyoung: Good Example Award

Doyoung has played many roles, including MC for NCT content and other shows. As Mark says, “he’s an overall good role model.” Well said.

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Ten: Exposure Award, Hard Working Award

Like Yuta, Ten was given an award during the Inkigayo behind the scenes video. In addition to the “Exposure Award”, Ten deserves  the “Hard Working Award” for his work in “90s Love,” “Work It,” and “Resonance.”

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Winwin: Leadership Award

Dubbed the leader of “90s Love” against his will, Winwin received the ‘Leadership Award’ because “the way he shouted one, two, three was so lovely that it made everyone smile even when we were all tired,” states Mark.

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Jungwoo: Anywhere Award

Mark loves Jungwoo’s line “hey we can go anywhere” in “Work It,” and believes that it deserves an award. He hopes that Jungwoo gets more chances to show off his lovely voice in the future, as do we.

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Lucas: Passion Award

Unsurprisingly, Lucas got the ‘Passion Award’ for always cheering up the members with his fiery energy. Mark also decided to give him this award because he “want[ed] to promise him that when he feels tired, we will cheer him up.

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Hendery: Charming Award

Like many NCTzens and WayZenNi, Mark grew to realize that, “he is charming in many surprising ways.” The WayV member is unapologetically himself and radiates positive energy no matter where he goes.

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XiaoJun: Killing Point Award

Xiaojun’s line in “Make A Wish” was also one that Mark loved. He “hopes that Xiaojun will sing and do great things with his great voice.” We hope so too.

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Renjun: #RENJUN_SoCute Award

Mark doesn’t need to explain much beyond, “Renjun himself is very cute.” Send tweet.

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Jeno: Shouting Award

Mark shares that Jeno did a lot of work for the “Raise!” shout in “Resonance” and his line “don’t this hit, seriously,” in “90s Love,” almost losing his voice in the process.

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Haechan: Bridge Award

Mark is a big fan of Haechan’s unique and lovely vocals, and subsequently awarded him with the ‘Bridge Award’ for his amazing work singing the bridge in many NCT songs.

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Jaemin: Black and White Award

Jaemin sported two stand-out looks according to Mark, his white hair for “Make A Wish,” and black hair for “Work It”. It was the first time Jaemin had black hair since debut, and the look suited him immensely.

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YangYang: Beyond Your Imagination Award

After seeing YangYang working super hard during promotions with great passion and enthusiasm, Mark decided to give him the ‘Beyond Your Imagination Award’ because “I think he will be more awesome beyond your imagination in the future.

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Shotaro: Soft on the Outside Hard on the Inside Award

One of NCT’s newest members, Shotaro has already left an impression on NCTzens. Mark puts it well, saying, “On the outside he looks very pure and innocent, but he’s very strong inside. His strong inner beauty exudes out of him.

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Chenle: Grand Prize Award

Chenle’s award is more for Daegal, as Mark knows NCTzens are just as in love with the fluffy pup as he is.

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Sunchan: Cheese Award

Mark awarded Sungchan, another one of NCT’s newest members, the ‘Cheese Award’ after his line in “90s Love” “take it, say cheese,” and how he made it into a killing point for the song.

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Jisung: Jewel Award

Mark, like many NCTzens, was sad that the maknae couldn’t perform as much recently due to his knee injury. But Mark puts it beautifully saying, “just because he didn’t [perform] doesn’t mean that he didn’t shine. So I hope he stays strong like a hard jewel and doesn’t get sick.

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Jaehyun: This Year’s Acting Award

Jaehyun has been balancing both NCT promotions and drama filming for Dear.M, losing sleep as he made sure to do his best. The least we could do was give him an award for all his hard work!

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Mark: Reaction Award

Last but not least, Haechan gave Mark the ‘Reaction Award’ for “show[ing] enthusiasm even for boring jokes and help[ing] us feel confident!”

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