NCT’s Haechan Exposed Taeil’s Special Workout And Mark Couldn’t Believe They Did It

Mark didn’t think it would ever be revealed.

NCT 127 had tons of fun playing the Who’s Who game at BuzzFeed. They especially enjoyed revealing the best dancer of the group, and Mark was surprised by what else had been revealed in the process.

NCT chose Taeil as the best dancer, and that’s when Haechan revealed something funny about him. He’s able to dance so well because he does his own special workout called “Taeil’s Butterfly.”

Using two of the pointer hands from the game as dumbbells, Haechan demonstrated the workout to everyone’s amusement.

Afterward Mark said, “I can’t believe we exposed it,” to Johnny.

NCTzens were most likely just as entertained as NCT from discovering Taeil’s special exercise. Watch NCT’s funny reactions to revealing it here.