Five “Boys Planet” Trainees Depart From The Show Before Its First Episode Airs

Who are your favorite trainees?

Boys Planet, a reality survival program modeled after the show Girls Planet 999, which created Kep1er, recently introduced its nearly one hundred trainees. Over the last few weeks, fans have been able to pick out their favorites from the bunch and begin supporting them.

Unfortunately, some trainees will not debut in the Boys Planet project group as they have already left the show before its February 2 air date. Here are the five that have departed from the show.

1. Yeom Tae Gyun (CiiPHER’s TAG)

Yeom Tae Gyun ( also known as CiiPHER‘s TAG) was confirmed to have left the show for personal reasons.


He entered the show as a trainee under RAIN COMPANY alongside fellow member Keita.

2. Jo Eun Woo

Jo Eun Woo left the show before the First Meeting introduction with fans and entered as a self-represented trainee.

3. Tao Yuan

Tao Yuan (also known as OCJ NEWBIESDowon) left the show early in the process. He entered the show as a trainee under One Cool Jacso Entertainment and is set to debut as a member of XODIAC.

4. Jang Min Seo

Jang Min Seo entered the show as a trainee under Woollim Entertainment. He appeared in many initial Boys Planet promotions, like the PR Videos and the First Meeting fan event.

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According to fans, the trainee suffered from a knee injury that made him unable to participate in the first evaluation and is likely the reason for his departure.

5. Jung Hwan Rok

Jung Hwan Rok entered the company as a trainee under withHC. He made his official debut as a member of WithUs, the group that gained over 160,000 followers after a single fan video, under his stage name HwanRok.


As of posting, no reason has been given for his departure.

We wish all of these former participants the best!

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