This K-Pop Group Gained Over 160 Thousand Followers Overnight Because Of A Single Viral Fan Video

The power of K-Pop fans is real.

The power of fandom is something that all K-Pop fans understand. There have been several times in K-Pop’s history that a group has been brought to success or saved for disbandment because of a single viral video.

EXID, whose popularity skyrocketed after a viral video of Hani caused the group’s song to shoot up the charts, or Brave Girls who were saved by a compilation of their performances for the military both are testaments to the power of a viral video.

Brave Girls

K-Pop fans on TikTok are often able to rack up thousands of views on funny videos, album and merch unboxing videos, and create viral edits of their favorite idols, like the following one of NCT‘s Haechan.


🫠 #leehaechan #thelinknct127 #nct127 #thelinkinjakarta #haechan

♬ Untouchable Kpop I am the original – mieom_ee

One fan page on TikTok decided to use their platform to try to attract attention to their favorite group with some fantastic results.

The TikKok account @withus_unofficial shared a video of K-Pop boy group With Us‘s second anniversary meet & greet. The video showed the group doing a greeting before showing that the group had followings under one hundred on their social media accounts, and less than 150 monthly listeners on Spotify.


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♬ original sound – sounds🎧🎸

The purpose of the video was to attempt to get other K-Pop fans to check out the group’s latest comeback, “Barricade.”  WithUs is a five-membered boy group under withHC and they debuted in November 2020.

The video posted by the fan page has since reached over 2 million views on TikTok, and the group’s social media following has grown significantly. Where their TikTok page only had around 100 followers before the video, the account has grown to over 160 thousand overnight. Their Instagram and YouTube pages also saw significant growth as well.

A screenshot showing that WithUs gained more than 160 thousand followers overnight.

New fans have marveled at the power of fandom, and how quickly the group was able to gain exposure. Many have offered well wishes as well as promises to continue supporting the group after this initial wave of popularity.


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