How Brave Girls’ Career Changed Overnight — From Being On The Edge Of Disbandment To Full Schedules

They had moved their belongings out of the dorms right before they blew up.

Brave Girls‘ careers recently took a turn for the better. It was revealed that the group was on the edge of disbandment, just a week before they hit the top of the charts. Their 4 year old song “Rollin'” suddenly climbed the charts. In a recent interview, the girls even shared that they had already moved their belongings out of the dorm when their company received news that the group suddenly blew up.

Even now, their song is number one on all charts across South Korea, apart from Melon 24Hits Top 100, where they sit just behind IU‘s “Celebrity”.

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So how did Brave Girls blow up suddenly? In a miracle highly similar to EXID‘s viral fancam of Hani doing “Up & Down”, Brave Girls’ “Rollin” was pushed up into public spotlight due to YouTube‘s algorithm. This video of Brave Girls’ performing the song at Korean army concerts went viral as many were amused at the enthusiastic soldiers. A compilation video of their performances, including high-rated YouTube comments hit 7 million views.

With the song and the group being pulled into the spotlight, Brave Girls are now busier than ever! Not only will they be appearing on hit variety show Running Man, their schedule for March is fully packed. From radio shows to music broadcasts, they’re booked and busy!

Their schedule for the month is as follows.

  • March 10, 2pm: Cultwo Show Viewable Radio
  • March 10, 4pm: Mnet TMI News Interview
  • March 11: Mnet M!Countdown
  • March 12, 8pm: Youngstreet Radio
  • March 12: SBS Night of TV Interview
  • March 12, 5pm: KBS Music Bank
  • March 13, 3.40pm: Music Core
  • March 14: Inkigayo (under discussion)
  • March 16: Jung Oh’s Hope Song with Kim Shin Young
  • March 18, 8pm: Radio with Bae Sung Jae
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A magazine shoot and interview is also under discussion with Esquire Magazine.

It’s about high time these girls popped off! Check out their iconic song, “Rollin'” below.

Source: theqoo
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