Five Fun Facts about TWICE’s Sana That Will Make You Say “I Never Knew That!”

These facts about Sana have us shook!

Before TWICE’s Sana became a member of Asia’s biggest girl group, she was just a normal girl from Japan with dreams to be an idol.

While ONCEs have gotten to know Sana throughout the years of her promoting as an idol, we couldn’t help but wonder if there were some things that maybe ONCEs don’t know about her – especially things from before she debuted.

So after a bit of research, here’s some fun things that we found:

1) Sana had a Twitter before moving to Korea…and it’s still up!

Prior to being scouted by JYPE and moving to Korea, Sana was just like any teenage girl and had a social media account – in this case Twitter. She was active on it for about a year, and (for obvious reasons) her tweets are in Japanese.

One of her tweets even expresses her desire to do to Korea, stating “I am interested in Korea. I want to go, I want to go.”

Based on how Twitter is set up, we can see that she must have been scouted around 2011, as her last tweet is from December that year.

It’s a insane blast from the past to get a window in pre-debut Sana’s mind!

2) Sana was the love interest in GOT7’s “A” MV.

While not the only TWICE member to make a cameo in other JYP MVs prior to debut, Sana had the most prominent role out of her members, playing the woman that the GOT7 members try to woo in their MV for “A”.

3) Sana “default” language in her dreams is Korean!

While one would think that Sana would normally dream in Japanese due to that being her native language, that’s totally not that case!

During a 2017 fan event, Sana revealed that in actuality, she’s more likely to dream in Korean than it Japanese!

4) Prior to joining JYP, Sana was affiliated with Japan’s EXPG Studio run by LDH, the label of Japanese idol groups E-girls and GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE.

For those who might not know, E-girls is considered by many to be the “closest” girl group equivalent to a K-Pop group in Japan.

Specifically, LDH is known for trainings very good dancers, and Sana actually worked with them prior to being scouted by JYPE.

Sana’s Twitter history reveals that she was also very close to Yuta from LDH’s boy group GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE, to the point where they’d converse casually on Twitter!

5) One of Sana’s unique talents is that she can mimic the Super Mario “jump” effect…with her nose!

Source: @Sanapomu