5 Great (Unofficial) TWICE Remixes That Will Blow Your Mind

Wishing TWICE would release more remixes? Then this list might be the answer you’re looking for!

We know that TWICE has dabbled in official remixes in the past, most notably the various “Like OOH-AHH” remixes released throughout 2015 – with my personal favorite being Ver.2 (the “Cheerleader” remix).

However, there are a number of fanmade remixes that show the potential musical avenues TWICE could try out in the future.

Here are a few favorite unofficial remixes (in random order) that you should check out:

1. Likey (DJ FLAKO Remix)

DJ Flako takes the pure pop song and turns “Likey” into a club-thumping hit. While keeping a majority of the song’s original elements, DJ Flako adds more EDM-style elements and a trap inspired breakdown to enhance the song’s natural fun and bright style. This remix could easily fit in any workout or dance party playlist.

2. Dance The Night Away (Apocalypse Remix) (A Ver.)

Apocalypse takes the tropical house elements interspersed throughout the original track and dials it up to 100. Embracing the song’s summer beach vibes, Apocalypse turns “Dance the Night Away” from a “vacation getaway” song to a “have a great beach day party with your friends” song.

3. What is Love? (Areia Kpop Fusion Remix)

Taking a lot of the musical elements that made the original song great, Areia “punches things up” to make “What is Love?” a little bit more fast paced and lively. While Areia doesn’t change too much of the original track, the song is structured a bit differently than expected. This adds a few surprises and musical twists for fans of the original track to enjoy. This remix could easily fit in a playlist for any occasion (even a holiday one)!


Inspired by the musical elements in “Signal,” DANI goes in a completed unexpected direction and reimagines the song as a 80’s pop classic. Oddly enough, the remix works very well – in part because so much of 80’s music has that “alien/space” vibe the original track is going for. The remix keeps the spirit of the original song while adding a neat twist to make it stand out from so many remixes out there.

5. Yes Or Yes (iBurn Remix)

Adding a bit more funky (and trap!) beats to the original song, iBurn changes “Yes Or Yes” from a fun, youthful, pop song to one with a bit more “bite.” Adding various house-elements throughout the song gives it a bit more of a “mature” taste, though still keeping the playfulness of the original. This remix definitely sounds like something that could fit in next to something made by Calvin Harris or David Guetta.

With the amount of fanmade remixes on the rise since the advent of YouTube and the digital age, one hopes that TWICE eventually takes a full-fledged dip into the remix pool.

Or even official studio releases of the “Like OOH-AHH” remixes one day?