Five Times Idols Threw Major Shade at Their Companies

They didn’t keep quiet this time.

Sometimes, idols have to speak up against their company to get change done. Here are times idols publicly shaded their companies!

1. Taeyeon

During a concert in Taiwan, Taeyeon had noticed a fan’s album was defective. The album was called “My Voice Deluxe” but she had noticed the D in deluxe was not printed on the album. She had fixed it herself by writing on the fan’s album with a marker and returned it to her while apologizing.

After, she took to the mic to call out her company.

She called out SM Entertainment for producing and selling so many defective albums, all while apologizing to the fans.

I really didn’t expect that Taiwan would encounter defective albums as well. I’m really sorry. SM, buck up please!

2. Noeul

During Rainbow’s visit to Weekly Idol, Noeul had a lot to say to her company.

When asked to call out something that makes her unhappy, she decided to call out her company. She claims that though she is the brightest member in Rainbow, her company is wasting her talents.

People in our company, you guys are too mean! I’m gifted with all these talents, why are you wasting me?

3. GOT7

Jackson has talked about Park Jinyoung (JYP) treats his male artists and female artists differently. He claims that when the male groups greet him, he will reply coldly. However, if a female artist were to greet him, JYP would greet them cheerfully.

Jinyoung had said the same thing during their episode Knowing Brothers. The boys of GOT7 even copied how JYP greets them in comparison to artists like Suzy.

4. Zico

Block B had filmed an episode of M2’s Signal, where they talk in a walkie-talkie and talk to their past selves.

In the video, Zico talks to his 2009 self who is in the process of signing with a company. He warns past Zico to be careful with choosing his company, saying that it isn’t that easy.

5. BTS

Before they debuted, BTS released a song called “A Typical Trainee’s Christmas“. There, they sang about the unjust things their company does and how they force them to practice even during Christmas time.

Suga says,

Our boss is indifferent, even three years ago. We’ve never had the dinner outing that everybody else has. Outside, it’s like a party but us guys are bunched up together like it’s the army. This year, I’ll either be practicing or sitting alone in a corner. Nothing changes no matter how hard I try, I’m solo. But boss, we don’t want a solo victory. We just want a dinner outing.

RM speaks up about the dating rules trainees are forced to follow.

I have no girlfriend because our debut is soon. Ha, idols are getting married yet we seperate male and female trainees? What’s the point? We can’t love so how do we write love songs? If it were up to me, I’d encourage dating.

The song talks about how every Christmas, all they do is practice. Because of this, they grow resentful against their boss and company. RM even says,

Our boss, our company – I don’t like any of you.

We hope these companies listen to their artists and work together to make our idols happy.