Forbes Names The 5 K-Pop Soloists Who Could Break In America In 2021

Their solo comebacks and debuts could really take off.

Despite groups being the major K-Pop acts making history by topping Billboard charts, Forbes noted that soloists are steadily making their way to the top as well. Here are the five idols the outlet believes could make it big with their solo comebacks and debuts in America in 2021.

1. BTS’s J-Hope

J-Hope proved his power as a solo artist by making history as “one of about five South Korean soloists to appear on the Billboard 200” and “the first to break into the top forty” with his mixtape Hope World.

Thanks to his “Chicken Noodle Soup” collaboration with Becky G, J-Hope was able to reach higher heights by once again being one of the few artists to break into Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

2. Wonho

Despite his difficulties, Wonho proved he was a fighter and came out on top by debuting as a solo artist. His first title track, “OPEN MIND”, received overwhelming support from fans.

Wonho’s mini-album Love Synonym Pt.1: Right For Me did so well that it “reached the Top Album Sales chart, which is notable for someone who just embarked on a solo venture.

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3. EXO’s Baekhyun

Between being a member of EXO and SuperM, who’s the only group besides BTS to top the Billboard 200 chart, Baekhyun has had his hands full. Still, that hasn’t stopped him from successful solo promotions.

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From his mini-albums City Lights and Delight, Baekhyun has made it onto the Billboard charts all by himself.

He appeared on the Top Album Sales chart in both 2019 and 2020, with his first set reaching No. 71 while its follow-up went to No. 53.

— Hugh McIntyre

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After dropping their first full-length album fittingly titled THE ALBUM, BLACKPINK made history numerous times on Billboard charts in 2020, scoring “several top 40 hits on the Hot 100.” That could only mean good things for Rosé’s upcoming solo debut.

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Although YG Entertainment hasn’t released a debut date for Rosé’s solo, the teaser for it racked up over thirty-seven million views and sent the idol to the top of the trending section on many sites. Whenever Rosé’s music drops, it’s sure to make waves.

5. BTS’s RM

When RM dropped his mixtape mono, he accomplished an amazing feat at the time by becoming one of the few Korean artists to chart in the top forty, reaching “No. 26 on the Billboard 200.” He’s still been making waves on the chart since—even without his own releases.

Just by being a featured artist on other songs, RM has “sent two tracks to the Digital Song Sales chart” and “one even entered the top 10 for a single frame” of him in the video. If he could achieve that with just a feature, RM’s comeback would definitely break records.

Source: Forbes and Photo