9 Celebrities Who Are Korean But Get Mistaken For Foreigners ALL THE TIME

These Korean celebrities have the features to pass as foreigners.

1. Moon Gabi

Model Moon Gabi looks like a foreigner, but she is 100% Korean! Her darker complexion has been one of peoples’ major sources of confusion and once revealed on Talkmon that she does not tan her skin, but was born with the beautiful dark tone.


2. Kim Ji Won

Before Kim Ji Won‘s Descendants of the Sun fame spike, she did a soda commercial that had people thinking she wasn’t Korean. On Come to Play, Kim Ji Won talked about how she has been mistaken as a foreigner ever since that commercial, but she is 100% Korean.


3. Han Hyun Min

Model Han Hyun Min does not look like the average Korean, but he has appeared on several TV programs and shared that he is 100% Korean. In fact, he can’t speak much English at all. He has gained a lot of popularity, for his adorable personality and amazing figure.


4. SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups

When SEVENTEEN‘s S.Coups is searched on search engines, related keywords are all related to S.Coups’ nationality. With visuals like this, S.Coups is easily mistaken to be a foreigner. S.Coups is also 100% Korean, born in Daegu.


5. Hwangbo

When Chakra first debuted in Korea with its shockingly foreign concept, Hwangbo was mistaken as the non-Korean member. Because of her darker skin tone and strong facial features, Hwangbo could seem like a foreigner, but she is 100% Korean and her last name, Hwangbo, is very rare.


6. DIA’s Jooeun

With her history of having modeled in a Japan, DIA‘s Jooeun is often mistaken to be from Japan. But this talented K-Pop girl group member is 100% Korean!


7. Highlight’s Dongwoon

Highlight’s Dongwoon is one of the original K-Pop boy group stars to become well-known for his foreigner-like visuals. As early as BEAST‘s debut days, Dongwoon was mistaken to be from the Middle East. Fans have nicknamed him the Arabian Prince.


8. Lee Dong Wook

Lee Dong Wook‘s strong facial features, such as his deep-set eyes and large nose, make him look non-Korean. When Lee Dong Wook went blonde, fans were amazed by how foreign he looked. But of course, Lee Dong Wook is 100% Korean.


9. VIXX’s Ken

The strongest feature of VIXX‘s Ken‘s face that sets him apart is his nose. Because of this not-so-Korean-average trait, Ken has been mistaken as a foreigner. On a TV program, Ken shared that people have thought he’s from Iraq because of his looks.

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