10 Forgotten Bops Of 2010s K-Pop From Already Disbanded Groups

Who remembers these gems?

If you’ve been into K-Pop for some time, there’s a high chance that you would have heard these songs before in your childhood. Well, trends always come back around, so we think it’s time to reintroduce these bops again!

1. “Come To Me” (Rainbow)

Rainbow disbanded in 2016 after they failed to hit a peak. However, many of their songs began rising after they disbanded, such as “Come To Me” and “A”. While “A” also deserves to be on this list, we went with “Come To Me” as it’s a song that perfectly represents the group’s unique colors. The hip-hitting dance is also almost as iconic as the shirt-lifting dance in “A”!

2. “Ring Ma Bell” (Two X)

Even if you don’t know Two X, you might know one of their members, Eunyoung, from her stint on dating show Romantic & Idol, where she was paired with VIXX‘s N. This song is a total bop!

3. “Mirror Mirror” (4MINUTE)

The group disbanded in 2016 but they totally served us with so many bops before they did. From the iconic “MUZIK” to “Heart to Heart”, even “Volume Up” was a total earworm. We choose “Mirror Mirror” for the electric beats and the simple but addictive mirror dance.

4. “STEP” (KARA)

One of our favorite girl groups of all time, KARA paved the way for girl groups along with Girls’ Generation. They have many hits including “Lupin”, “Honey” and of course, “Mister”. “STEP” will always have a special place in our hearts as one of the last songs with all 5 members.

5. “Boyfriend” (BOYFRIEND)

BOYFRIEND disbanded in 2019, although some of the members are still active in the industry. Their debut made a splash as it was one of the few cutesy concepts by boy groups back in 2011, where many groups focused on manly and flashy concepts.

6. “Dolls” (9MUSES)

It was a toss-up between “Dolls”, “Wild” and “Drama” for us. However, we picked “Dolls” as it is one of the hot topics in Korea currently as a song the public wants to make a comeback!

7. “So Cool” (SISTAR)

You know it’s going to be a bop when you hear “SISTAR” and “Brave Sound” in the intro. SISTAR will forever be our summer queens. The year of 2011 certainly had many bops. We can totally still do the rap even though it’s been 10 years.

8. “Sexy Love” (T-ARA)

T-ARA has since disbanded but our love for the girls remains strong! “Sexy Love” also made it to the airwaves when South Korea named it as a hit song they listened to in secret.

9. “Shampoo” (After School)

2011 was really the year of bops. This gem never gets old, no matter how many years have passed! We’re sad to see such a great group go.

10. “The Light” (The Ark)

Another group that failed to see “The Light” sadly, The Ark was filled with talented members and visuals. They had it all, including a stellar debut song with a touching music video. Unfortunately, they disbanded as soon as they were formed.

Of course, there are many other songs that deserve to be on this list! What are some of your 2010s favorites?